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Educating Students for Success in a Global Society

Flowery Elementary School’s talented educators are dedicated to empowering and enriching all students. The language and culture of every member of the Flowery community is valued. To accelerate second language acquisition and academic achievement, teachersarget students’ multiple intelligences, providing a range of activities that appeal to varying learning styles.

Maestros de Flowery

Educando a los estudiantes para el éxito en una sociedad global

Los educadores de la Escuela Primaria Flowery están dedicados a enriquecer y engrandecer a todos los estudiantes. Se valora el lenguaje y la cultura de cada miembro de la comunidad de Flowery. Para acelerar la adquisición de un segundo idioma y el logro académico, los maestros ponen como objetivo las varias inteligencias de los estudiantes, proveyendo una variedad de actividades que atraen a varios estilos de aprendizaje.


Imagine Learning Español demo link for

pilot teachers and their students

Imagine Learning SUPPORT

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How to use the embedded tools on the SBA - from the Centinela Valley Union High School District


CAASP Test Score Guide

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/home/CA49709536052278/Yellow Submarine-local.mp3 Yellow Submarine.mp3


Common Core

1-Page Nonfiction Passages

Flowery Common Core Resource Page

ELA/ELD Links & Docs


CELDT Local Scoring Tool

CELDT Proficiency Level Scale Scores


Dale-Chall Readability Formulas

Dr. Anita Archer Strategic Literacy Videos

Dr. Kate Kinsella - Bolstering Academic Language and Reading Comprehension Using High Interest Non-Fiction (4-12 grades)

EFL Playhouse

ELD Strategies


ELD Worksheets & Lesson Plans

/home/CA49709536052278/ELAnontransferablesMapK-2.pdf ELAnontransferablesMapK-2.pdf 
/home/CA49709536052278/ELAnontransferablesMap3-5.pdf ELAnontransferablesMap3-5.pdf  

/home/CA49709536052278/Abbreviations.pdf Abbreviations.pdf  
/home/CA49709536052278/Contractions.pdf Contractions.pdf 

/home/CA49709536052278/FlowerySocialStudiesStandards.pdf FlowerySocialStudiesStandards.pdf
/home/CA49709536052278/FloweryScienceStandards.pdf FloweryScienceStandards.pdf

Interesting Things for ESL Students

/home/CA49709536052278/KinsellaOralLangStrategies.pdf KinsellaOralLangStrategies.pdf 


Mentor Texts - interview with Ralph Fletcher

/home/CA49709536052278/Spring 2011/NoExcuseWordsGr4-5english.pdf NoExcuseWordsGr4-5english.pdf 

Read-Write-Think International Reading Association

/home/CA49709536052278/SpeakingRubric.pdf SpeakingRubric.pdf  Screen_Shot_2013_11_19_at_1.23.14_PM.png

Text Analysis

Treasures online 






California's Common Core Content Standards for Math

California Mathematics Project

Clearinghouse on CCSS Resources

Core Challenge

Inside Mathematics

Inside Mathematics - recommended MARS Tasks and Problems of the Month organized by grade and content standard

Institute for Mathematics and Education - from the University of Arizona

K-5 Math Teaching Resources

Khan Academy - Developmental Math Videos and MORE

Math Reasoning Inventory - Marilyn Burns

National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics

Overview of Common Core Standards - Teaching Channel

Resources for Common Core Standards

Silicon Valley Math Initiative

Tools for the Common Core Standards


Seal of Biliteracy

AB 815

School district inititates new Seal of Biliteracy - Sonoma Sun article

Californians Together - sample board policies, award criteria, etc.


What is a LinguaFolio - from the National Council of State Supervisors for Languages

Resources for implementation

Spanish Language Arts


Gramática y ortografía en español

/home/CA49709536052278/Spring 2011/NoExcuseWordsGr4-5spanish.pdf NoExcuseWordsGr4-5spanish.pdf 

Reglas de ortografía

/home/CA49709536052278/SLAnontransferablesMapK-2.pdf SLAnontransferablesMapK-2.pdf                                                                                       
/home/CA49709536052278/SLAnontransferablesMap3-5.pdf SLAnontransferablesMap3-5.pdf  

/home/CA49709536052278/NontransferablesGuideK-1.pdf NontransferablesGuideK-1.pdf  (grades K-1 to be revised to reflect the adoption of "Tesoros" and the CCSS; grades 2-5 to be completed during the 2012/2013 school year)

/home/CA49709536052278/KinsellaOralLangStrategiesSpanish.pdf KinsellaOralLangStrategiesSpanish.pdf 

Spanish Language Exercises

Tesoros online - AKA ConnectED




Screen_shot_2012_01_19_at_2.54.53_PM.pngAlphabetized Links

Academic Vocab in Spanish & English

Academy of Achievement

ACCENT RULES from Dr. Jill Kerper Mora


AR Book Finder

AR Book Guide - to organize and manage classroom and school libraries

Bilingual Web Resources for Teachers

Book Trailers for Readers

The Brain Connection

Busy Teacher's Cafe

California Learning Resource Network

California Reading and Literature Project

California Reading List (STAR reading list # required)

California Recommended Literature (K-12)


Clip Art Gallery

Collaborize Classroom

¡Colorín colorado!


Common Sense Media Scope and Sequence

Content Based Language Teaching with Technology

Coss-cultural Language & Academic Development - Dr. Jill Kerper Mora

Curriculum Compacting pdf - by S.M. Reis, D.E. Burns & J.S. Renzulli

Differentiated Instruction - Marzano's Strategies

Differentiating Instruction - Enhance Learning with Technology

Digi Blocks

Discovery Education


free educational videos in Spanish

Environmental Education for Kids - (in Spanish)

Fed Resources for Edu Excellence

Las formas geométricas - 1st grade geometry unit

Garden ABCs

GLAD (Guided Language Acquisition Design)

Graphical Dictionary

Helping and Modal Auxiliary Verbs - informational resource

Houghton Mifflin ELA Vocabulary Cards

Illuminations - resources for teaching math

Image Search

iPad Apps for Education

Jeannine Heron - Let's Talk About Reading, Writing & the Brain

Journey North - a global study of wildlife migration and seasonal change

Kids Gardening

Learning is Messy - teacher blog

Lesson Plans

Links to translated standards & documents from the California Dept. of Education

Long vowel sounds

"Meeting the School Readiness Needs of Latino Dual Language Learners in the Early Childhood Classroom"

La migración de las Mariposas Monarcas

Mi primer jardín

Multilingual Mania - "blogging the state of multilingual education in the new millennium"

National Geographic en español

National K-12 Foreign Language Resource Center - thematic units in Spanish

Next Generation Science Standards

Pete's Power Point Station - free downloadable Power Point presentations


Resources for teaching and learning Spanish

Resources in Spanish & English to Encourage Parent Involvement

Schoolwide Enrichment Model - Reading - UConn


Socrative - (icon above) engage and assess students as learning happens

Sonoma Valley Education Foundation

Spanish Grammar and Vocabulary Exercises


Strategic Instruction Model (SIM)

Teacher Reboot Camp - fantastic blog packed with teacher tech ideas & support

Teacher Resources from the Santa Maria Bonita School District

Team Building Activities

Time Toast - timeline creator

Virtual Math Manipulatives

Visual Fractions


Vocabulogic - Bridging the Verbal Divide

VTS (Visual Thinking Strategies)

VTS subscription website (requires username and password)

Wolfram Alpha - computational knowledge engine



Worksheets from Super Teacher - includes games, too (for all subject areas)

World Language Resource Center

The Write Source

Sing along songs to practice with students:

/home/CA49709536052278/C%E9sar%20Ch%E1vez.mp3 César Chávez.mp3

/home/CA49709536052278/Musica/04%20Pista%2004.mp3 Flowery Pledge.mp3  

/home/CA49709536052278/2013-14/If%20I%20Had%20a%20Hammer.m4a If I Had a Hammer.m4a                                                                                           

/home/CA49709536052278/Musica/06%20Pista%2006.mp3 Mango Mango.mp3

/home/CA49709536052278/Musica/10%20Mexico%20Americano.m4a Mexico Americano.m4a

/home/CA49709536052278/Musica/01%20El%20Pescador%20%5BFeaturing%20La%20Cumbiamba%20Eney%E9%20And%20Marc%20Ribot%5D.m4a El Pescador [Featuring La Cumbiamba Eneyé y Marc Ribot].m4a

Halloween Sing Along

/home/CA49709536052278/Musica/01%20Pista%2001.mp3 Dia de los Muertos.mp3

/home/CA49709536052278/Musica/05%20Pista%2005.mp3 Halloween.mp3

/home/CA49709536052278/Musica/02%20Pista%2002.mp3 Monster Mash.mp3 

/home/CA49709536052278/Musica/03%20Pista%2003.mp3 Quiero Dulces.mp3 

/home/CA49709536052278/Musica/07%20Pista%2007.mp3 Sun Sun.mp3