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California's CCSS for ELA and Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects
   • Appendix A: Research Supporting Key Elements of the Strands
   • Appendix B: Text Exemplars & Sample Performance Tasks
   • Appendix C: Samples of Student Writing

California's CCSS for Mathematics

California English Language Development Standards Aligned to California’s
Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts

Spanish Language Arts, Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects - This translated and linguistically augmented version establishes a guide for equitable assessment and curriculum development, resulting in high levels of biliteracy. The Spanish linguistic augmentations and Spanish language-specific examples are marked in blue font.


SVUSD Elementary Language Arts and Literacy Focus Standards,
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            Language Standard One



Achieve the Core - recently redesigned; fabulous resource!

America Achieves

California Dept. of Ed.

Common Core Resources
   - from the Polk Bros. Foundation Education Network
   - includes resources in Spanish!

Common Core "Shifts" - great 2-page resource!

Common Core Works - from the Council of the Great City Schools


EduCore - Tools for Teaching the Common Core


History Blueprint

Indiana Dept. of Ed.

Literacy in Science Online Professional Learning Module - NEW from the CDE

Los Angeles County Office of Ed.

NCSM (National Coucil of Supervisors of Mathematics)

Oregon Dept. of Ed.

Pearson CCSS

Pinterest Education

PTA CCSS Parent Guides

Teaching Channel - Common Core



Analysis of California's ELA Standards Compared to CCSS (K-12 Crosswalks)
   - from Sacramento County Office of Ed.
   - (helpful resource to see how new standards are the same & different)

CORE ELA Performance Assessment Modules

Frankly Freddy - Freddy Hierbert's Blog

Literacy Design Collaborative - resources for creating literacy-rich assignments

SVUSD Elementary Focus Standards
- posted 1.14.14

Text Dependent Question Resources - Achieve the Core

Understanding the CCSS for ELA, by Dr. Karen K. Wixson


Analysis of California's Math Standards Compared to CCSS (K-12 Crosswalks)
   - from Sacramento County Office of Ed.

CORE Math Performance Assessment Modules

Illustrative Mathematics Project
 - Practice Standard 3: Construct Viable Arguments & Critique the Reasoning of Others (1.28.13)

Inside Mathematics - Classroom practices that illustrate CCSS math lessons by standard and grade level (includes videos)

Khan Academy Common Core Map

MARS - Math Assessment Resource Service

MARS Tasks at Inside Mathematics website

Math Assessment Project

The Mathematics Common Core Toolbox

Math Emphases and Grade Level Changes in CCSS

                                            - from Gretchen Muller (small print; zoom in multiple times to view)

Math Tasks Aligned with CCSS for Kindergarten

Math Tasks Aligned with CCSS for 1st Grade

Math Reasoning Inventory - Marilyn Burns

NCTM's (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) Overview of CCSS

Phil Daro Math CCSS Presentation Powerpoint

Silicon Valley Mathematics Initiative

Tools for the Common Core - Bill McCallum's Blog

University of Arizona Progression Documents for Common Core Math Standards


Common Core Implementation Video Series

‪Common Core State Standards: A New Foundation for Student Success‬

Los estándares estatales de educación: Una nueva base para el éxito estudiantil

Common Core Video FAQ

David Coleman Overview of Math CCSS followed by ELA CCSS

Overview of CCSS - Teaching Channel

Teaching Channel - Common Core

ELA Videos

Co-author David Coleman on ELA CCSS - part 1

Co-author David Coleman on ELA CCSS - part 2

David Coleman on the ELA CCSS and "the single greatest reliable predictor of whether a student is college-ready"


Curriculum Corner - "I Can" Standards K - 6